The Côte d’Ajoncs and the bay of Paimpol: what to do in Plougrescant? Tréguier? Paimpol? on the island of Bréhat?

Côte d'Ajoncs what to visit in Plougrescant, in Tréguier, in Pleubian?

Paimpol Bay, what to visit on the island of Bréhat? in Paimpol?

What to do in Plougrescant?


Walk along the coast, the rocky chaos of the Gouffre and the little house between the rocks "Castel Meur"

What to do in Tréguier?


Labeled ""Small town of character"", Tréguier has pretty half-timbered houses which take you back to the atmosphere of the 15th and 16th centuries.
You will pass in front of the house of the writer and philosopher Ernest Renan, whose study has been reconstructed.


The Saint-Tugdual cathedral, in Gothic style, is one of the most beautiful in Brittany, with its cloister of 48 arcades! The 18th century spire overlooks the entire city from more than 60 m. height. Inside the Cathedral the tomb of Saint-Yves is remarkable.

What to do in Pleubian?


The Sillon de Talbert is a unique geological curiosity in Europe.
A 3.2 km stretch of sand and pebbles which penetrates the sea and which allows you to walk at water level at high tide.

What to do on the island of Bréhat?


The island of Bréhat, also called ""the island of flowers"" is 3.5 km long and 1.5 km wide. A small island without cars! you can walk or bike there.

We take the boat from Arcouest, with direct access, or with a guided tour of the island. We disembark in the south of the island and cross the small town towards the north to reach the Peacock Lighthouse.

But beware ! You must book because the number of visitors is now regulated in July/August so that the visit remains pleasant.


The Bréhat glassworks are open from 04/01/24 to 09/30/24. The glass blowers work in the citadel, you can see them working, ask them questions about their know-how and admire their work.

What to do in Paimpol?


A concentration of architecture from past centuries, the town with its charming alleys and beautiful homes of privateers and shipowners, today brings together pretty boutiques, painting galleries and renowned artists!

Visit the old port of Paimpol, and learn about fishing in Iceland.


Beauport Abbey, founded in 1202, bears witness to 8 centuries of history. Facing the sea, stroll through its gardens and visit the remains of this monastic complex.